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Convenience and Comfortable vs. Choice and Commitment


A number that has more significance to me than others. 187 is a life changing number for me. It is a number that has been on my mind more that all the birth dates, anniversary dates, and celebrations in the last 6 months. 187 represents my weight. The highest I have ever weighed in my life including my pregnancies. How? How did I get here? I was always this fit, athletic gymnast and track runner through college; why did I let my health fail me? Why did I choose to give up and put my health at risk?

For the last 14 years, I have been a busy mom, working full-time, finishing both Bachelor and Master degree's, raising children and not taking any me time. A few years ago, I was motivated to get back into shape, which I was successful at, however, I did not maintain. I moved to Bismarck and immediately started a new job, my commute to Jamestown started with shuffling kids, planning a wedding, building a new home, supporting Jackson in his new environment from school, sports and friends, supporting Jett with not being able to see his mom on a bi-weekly basis and lastly but most importantly, trying to put my relationship and soon-to-be-husband first and support his needs. Where was my me-time? It was my choice to put my me-time to the back burner and focus on everyone else and other priorities. Anyone else guilty of that too?

See, my oldest Jackson lives with my husband and I full-time with the exceptions of a few weekends each month and half the summer. My youngest, lives in Jamestown during the school year, and I have him almost every weekend and nearly all summer. My Friday and Sunday afternoon/evenings are spent in the car driving. It's hard. It's been a challenge in my work life, it has been a challenge in my marriage, it has added extra stress to my emotional life. It hasn't been easy and I am exhausted.

I started compensating my time with quick trips through McDonald's drive-thru for convenience. I was making excuses why I shouldn't be working out while Jackson was at hockey practice (which is what I did when I lived in Jamestown). Soon the thoughts were, "well, I can grab this Diet Coke and Cheeseburger, because I will start working out tomorrow".. Or, "let's share this pizza, because I will make healthier choices tomorrow for meals". The kicker is, at my previous place of employment, we had an on-site gym that's available 24-7 and a wonderful lunchroom where I could prep and make healthy meals. I chose not to. And that is how it snowballed.

I also have a gym membership with Anytime Fitness, that I have paid for nearly 18 months and went a handful of times since moving to Bismarck. How many of you have/had memberships, but never go/went because you found other excuses? Recently, I have been deciding what I WANT to do and what I NEED to do. I researched online programs, Beach Body programs, looked at treadmills, the new MIRROR (which will be on my Christmas list next year: hint, hint to the hubs) and I knew that I was in control of my motivation and with the current mindset. In the last 6 months, mentally, I was not ready and I was going to set myself up for failure. I needed something more. Something that will keep me accountable, something that will help me build relationships and lastly, encourage and support my new lifestyle. So what's next?

Verge Fitness. I enrolled in a 6-week accountability boot-camp. I have personal training, coaching and accountability and lastly, group training classes to help push myself against others in the classes and build relationships. This is what I need and want for my personal success. This is what I need and want for motivation. This is what I need and want for positive influences. This is what I crave physically, mentally and emotionally. Verge and their staff have opened my eyes to a new diet, too. It really is only small minor tweaks to what I already make at home. I will be sharing some of my newly created recipes along the way to inspire, influence or motivate others to healthier options. Follow this category, 'Health Journey', to learn more along the way. Shout out to Aaron Moos, who gave me the little swift kick in the ass to join and give me the tools I need to reach and maintain my goals. Stay tuned!!

I know I am a month behind on starting with the resolutions, but I have always not followed the rules and paved my own path. With February being heart awareness month, I encourage you, your friends, your family to take the steps you need to help your heart, your overall health, your soul. Start today. You don't need to wait until January 1 to make your resolutions. It starts with one choice, one day and trust me, you will be farther ahead on your journey than those people who are still contemplating and sitting on their couches.

xo, V


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