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Resolutions….. Success or Failure?

Did you make a resolution for 2020 at the turn of the New Year? Most of us did. Whether it was a pact to eat healthier, get a gym membership, be kinder to others or saving money. At this time, coming into our fifth month, most of our resolutions have failed or are hanging by a string. Let alone, COVID-19, might have had added some disruption to your daily routines. They could have failed on January 2nd, or as late as yesterday, nonetheless, that shouldn't be a reason to give up on wanting to live a better life.

As we entering into the mid month's of the year, I wanted to share some of the habits and rituals I take into consideration. I work hard on these every day, as I am human and a work in progress.

1.Don't give up. Hard work pays off. If you indulged in food, or didn't attend a class in the gym for a week, or months, don't give up. We all have bad days and we all have faults - so put that day behind you and show up tomorrow with a positive attitude. Also, find an accountability group. These coaches and members will help you keep you accountable in your goals and encourage you on those days when you want to give up. Did you know that it takes over 21 days to create a new habit? To make it a daily routine you will need to continue for another 90 days. It is the 21/90 rule.

2. Be Grateful. Find gratitude for the opportunities you endure each day. A ritual that my husband and I do in our own home with each other and our children is to ask them what their favorite part of the day was. We usually ask for the top three things they enjoyed. This gives them a sense of gratitude whether it was playing cards, helping make supper, supporting them in their sports by attending their events. Don't take what you have for granted, but celebrate it! Be grateful for what you've accomplished and share your gratitude with others.

3. Be kind. I get it, there can be days when nothing seems to go right and you are overwhelmed with disappointment that it becomes easy to point fingers at everyone else. Don't. Just be kind. Use kind words. When I have had a bad day, I would succumb to the underground of negativity and blame everyone else about why I am so upset, but I changed my low frequency. How? I would compliment a stranger on her sweet red framed glasses, or pay it forward by buying a coffee or donating to a charitable event. It moved me to a higher frequency and I started feeling better about myself. Happiness is key.

4. Remove toxic relationships. This can be one of the hardest things to do. I had a boss and mentor tell me one day after struggling with a toxic individual in my life that, "I am not their garbage truck and it is not my responsibility to take out their trash". It is hard to not allow these types of people to dump their trash in your life. Have you ever been asked why aren't you eating pizza with us and then they immediately judged you for eating a salad? Or be made fun of because you went to the gym instead of bar hopping with your buddies? Or even when people are negative for the fact you are taking time to better yourself by either attending cooking classes, working out, reading or traveling. Get rid of those people. They might be teasing, but deep down harsh and sarcastic words hurt. Don't match anyone's trash energy - maintain yours so you can attract that which aligns with you.

5. Be creative. Find fun ways to get creative with your workouts and recipes. I frequent Pinterest more than I should, especially in the past two months! Haha. Being creative with your recipes can be fun. My motto with cooking is that is should be FUN like Friday night and EASY like Sunday morning. The best way to find a recipe you love is to work with the ingredients you have or the ingredients you want to try. Some of my favorite things is to put my own spin on recipes to make them gluten free, keto, or adding more vegetables for color and flavor. And for the workouts, if you are registered with a gym, a majority of them have apps to download that will give you workout routines targeting specific muscle groups. Use these to mix and match to create a fun workout or regimen that you won't tire from.

6. Set goals. Set smart, attainable goals to match your habits. Goals are minimal to the success you will have with your resolutions. Your habits dictate over 80% of your attitude and approach to life. A good reminder is to write these goals down in either your journal or on a vision board. This will keep your goals in front of you so your don't lose track of them and can measure your progress. Do the work that others aren't willing to do and you'll get the things other will never have.

Finally, some words for thought. Be persistent with your habits and goal setting. Do not give up in the face of difficulty, challenges, and setbacks. Keep moving forward and work towards your goals and resolutions daily. I have created goals and they have been broken, I have made resolutions and they have failed. I understand now, that I will face hurdles, and the only way to grow is to attack them small steps and determination. Keep your head high and celebrate those small victories! I am cheering for you! Xo

My best to you.


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