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Welcome, Hello..

Oh, the first blog. The dreaded first blog. One always ponders questions of, "what should I write?", "am I going to sound stupid?" and "what are people going to think of me?". All you are doing is projecting thoughts of fear and rejection. Of course the first blog is scary! It is your first impression to all of the people who are going to read it. So you think, "is this the right thing to do?" The answer is YES!


Carlos Creek Winery // Summer 2019

There comes a time in life when you set aside the judgments of others and start filling your cup with self-worth. Life gives you many opportunities but you are the only one who can take the leap of faith and go for it.

There is a reason why I want to share my story online. Because I own it. I am open, honest, authentic and bottom line; it's good for your soul to be a little vulnerable, scared, and anxious. Everyone has a past and what you have learned from your experiences is making you become who you are today.

Take a moment to breathe.

Enjoy the tasty food I share with you.

Enjoy the funny stories I bring.

Enjoy life's offerings.

Drink, eat and be happy!

XO, V.


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